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First National Bank of Gordon

Gordon First National Bank Building - Built in 1901 - Replaced in 1970s

Inside the Bank - A.P. Wilbar (the first Bank President) is the gentleman at the far right window talking to a Mr. Freeman, while Mrs. A. P. Wilbar transacts business with Cashier R. L. Colvard at the center window. C. P. Colvard is the gentleman at the left.

First National Bank - 1909

Guaranty State Bank of Gordon

The Guaranty State Bank was located across the street from the First National Bank in what later became the post office and then the fire hall. The building recently had a murual painted on the side of it depicting a garden scene.

Inside the Bank - Mr. Ringo, Mr. Robert Barton, and and unknown man.

Guranty State Bank cancelled check from Luther E. Gailey to John Harlin's Store from October of 1923.

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