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Eaton & Blewett Company - This building was built in 1901 and was located on the "Ford Lot" situated between the present day fire hall and the Stowe Ford dealership. Eaton & Blewett had the largest and grandest store in Gordon during its operation. They carried a lot of groceries, furniture, hardware, and farm implement items. It had a large elivator in the back of the building to transfer large items to the second floor. A building behind this two story structure housed larger implements early on. In 1910 they aquired the rights to sell Ford automobiles. In those early days they would recieve the cars in pieces and assemble them there behind the store. As the Ford business grew, Eaton & Blewett expanded across the street to the west (current dealership location) around 1918. In 1919 the Eaton & Blewett Ford dealership was the leading Ford dealer in Texas. Eaton & Blewett eventually fell victim to the depression and the cotton prodcution issues of the time. The Ford dealership was spun off to the Jones family. The building remained for several years and housed several businesses including The Gordon Land and Real Estate Company. The structure was demolished in 1953.

Eaton & Blewett building in the 1930's.

John Harlin & Sons - Inside the Harlin general store in January of 1950. Pictured from left to right are John Boyd Harlin, John Harlin, and T. Milton "Chick" Harlin. John Harlin began selling produce around 1921. He moved his business into the old rock building on south main in 1922 and operated there until 1928. The Harlins outgrew the little building and they ended up buying out the Conway store (located just south of the bank) where they moved the business. The store operated under the name John Harlin & Sons until 1974. {J.B. Harlin Photo}

Joe Stewart Building - Joe Stewart built this building and ran a hardware store on the first floor. For many years he had a gasoline pump out front, which is visible in the photo above. Mr. Stewart was the mayor of Gordon for many years. Several doctors and dentist officies were located on the second floor including Dr. W.B. Hart. {Roberta Huges Photo}

Joe Stewart Hardware Store - Joe Stewart behind the counter on the left. {Louise Stoner Photo}

Jones Brothers Store - This building, which was located next door to the Eaton & Blewett building to the east, housed several different hardware type stores over the years. The building was construced prior to 1900. An early business in the building was owned by a Mr. Henegar. The Jones brothers (Dave and E.A. Jones) later occupied the building boasting sales of "Furniture, Coffins, and Stoves". They ran a funeral home along with the hardware. The business made made caskets and provided a horse drawn hearse service. In the years following the Jones Brothers several others had buisnesses in the building. Later on the building housed the local laundy mat. It was destroyed a fire in the early 2000s. {Roberta Hughes Photo}

Jones Brothers Hearse - Mr. Browder is pictured in the photo as the driver. {Louise Jones Stoner Photo}

J.W. Blewett Drug Store - Postcard Photo - The J.W. Blewett Drug Store was a booming little business during its time. They printed a series of postcards depicting scenes of Gordon around 1905. Many of the images on the postcards are included on this website including these two photos of the drug store.

J.W. Blewett Drug Store {Roberta Hughes Photo}

Rice Brothers Store - This building currently houses the Texas Windmill cafe and is located on the south end of the brick district of downtown. {Norman Dickson Photo}

G.W. Gentry Store - This wooden structure was located where the present day bank building is and faced the railroad tracks. It was later known as Thomas Dyer's store.

Cotton Gin - This was one of 5 cotton gins in Gordon. For many years cotton was king in the area and Gordon was the primary ginning and shipping center for two counties.

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