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First School Building in Gordon

Construction on the first Gordon School building was complete in 1882. Mollie Shelton was the first teacher at Gordon. Gordon quickly outgrew this small building and by 1897 a new structure had been built.

Second School Building in Gordon

The second Gordon School building was a fine two story structure located west of the "new" gym. It was constructed in 1897 and was used until 1924. - {Faye Keck Photo}

Second Gordon School

Second Gordon School

Second Gordon School

Second Gordon School - Postcard photo taken from the second story of the old Eaton & Blewett building looking southwest.

Third School Building in Gordon

The third Gordon School building was dedicated in 1924 and was used until 1980. The building was torn down in 2000 to make room for a new gymnasium.

1930's Football Team

Basketball Champs - Top to Bottom: Red Pierce, Bill Rigers, Leo Pitts, J.E. Harrison, Andrew Barrett, Bill Pierce, Ray Keown, Mack Merriman, Leonard McDaniel, Tom Bates, J.D. Hudson, Thurman Tucker, Coach Joe King, Supt. A.V. Price

1939 FFA

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