Cotton, Cattle and Coal

Gordon owes it's beginnings to the Texas & Pacific Railway and its early day hunger for coal.

When the Texas & Pacific Railway made its way to the southern Palo Pinto County town of Gordon, Texas in mid 1880, the community swiftly sprang into prominence. In the early days, Gordon served as the western terminus of the rail, with daily stage coach services to all parts north, south, and west. The town quickly grew into a shipping center for area cotton, cattle and coal.

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The Gordon Mines

The First Major Coal Mine in Texas Was Located Northeast of Gordon

In the late 1870's coal outcroppings were discovered northeast of present day Gordon by Texas & Pacific Railway surveyors. This major discovery was noted at the time as the first viable coal vein found in Texas.

The Gordon Weekly Courier

Gordon's Early Day Rural Texas Newspaper

With Gordon's early rapid growth came the immediate need for a news outlet. The Gordon Weekly Courier quickly became one of the prominent newspapers in Texas.

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Gordon School

A Look at the History of Gordon ISD

Construction on the first Gordon School building was complete by 1882 on what is now known as North Main Street. Miss Mollie Shelton was the school's first teacher. The town quickly outgrew this building and a new two-story structure was constructed in the late 1890s.

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